Saturday, March 30, 2013

Musical Dares

If you have small kids you know what it's like to be cooped up inside for long periods of time.  The kids are bored and mom is going insane!  Here in beautiful Colorado we get lots of sun so even when it snows there is sure to be a sunny day just around the corner.  But if you are stuck inside and need to burn off some energy try this fun little game.  You can even join in the fun and give your kids a good giggle.

Line up some chairs in a circle in a large area.  We used as many kids sized chairs as we could find to save on space and make it easier for the kids to sit fast.  Just like in musical chairs, play some fun music and let them walk in a circle around the chairs.  When the music stops they have to find a chair to sit in quick.  Instead of taking the chair away as in musical chairs, make them look under the chair for a dare.  I taped little pieces of paper under each seat with a dare on it.   If you have older kids they can help you come up with the dares.

Here are some examples of "dares" we did.

Do jumping Jacks while counting to 20
Crawl around the chairs 3 times
Hop like a bunny around the room and sing your ABC's
On the next round you must go around the circle backwards
Army crawl race across the room
Free style dance party!

You could do just about anything.  Be prepared to get a little sweaty and have some water on hand for your tired kiddos!   We played the game until all 6 dares had been accomplished.  And then we had a dance party just for fun!

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