Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Great Resources

Before I get into some of the exciting blog posts I have planned, I wanted to give a shout out to some of the websites, people, and businesses that have helped shape my world of health and nutrition.  These are great resources and I will post them on the side bar for future reference.  I hope these links continue to grow and please, if you know of another good one, let me know and I will check it out.

Food and Nutrition

Grow Colorado is a great source for gardening, growing your own food, and even donating your excess to local food banks.

Royal Crest Dairy - we stumbled on this gem a few months ago and are hooked by the friendly service, fantastic tasting products with no hormones or antibiotics, and the extremely reasonable prices.

Door to Door Organics - A great way to get fresh produce in the middle of the winter.  We found it a little on the pricey side for a family of four but for a single person or a couple, it might be worth the service.  The best part?  They have services in both Denver AND Kansas City for all my friends back home!  Email me if you want me to send an email to you with a 50% off your first box coupon.

Shaklee - I do not work for this company so I am not being bias when I say they are the best vitamins I have ever found.  I love what the company stands for and the research they put into their products.

100 Days of Real Food - this is a great resource for living completely unprocessed.  I'm not there yet but I find it very encouraging.

Clean for my King - this is a blog that a friend of mine shared with me.  Her vision is very similar to mine and very inspiring.  I love some of the recipes she's posted.


Zumba - I would love for you to come take a class!  I will soon be teaching 6 classes a week.  Three are traditional Zumba classes and three are what I call Aqua Groove.  Check out my FB page for weekly updates on when and where I will be teaching.

Colorado Mountain Mamas - this is a hiking, biking, jogging/walking group in the Denver area.  It is fantastic to get out with other mamas and there kiddos and enjoy the great outdoors.

YMCA - I have a great love for the YMCA.  I love their mission and what they stand for.  I also have loved working in both the Kansas City area and the Denver area.

Lakewood Rec Center - It has been a privilage to work at Green Mountain Rec Center and my kids love the "pirate ship pool" at the Link.

Faithfully Fierce - a friend of mine from Kansas City shares ways to glorify God through health and fitness.

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