Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Swiffer Solution

I ran out of Swiffer solution a long time ago.  I'm embarrassed to admit just how long it has been since I've actually mopped in our kitchen or bathrooms.  Yikes!  We have a traditional mop and bucket but it gets stinky quickly and quite frankly it's just a hassle right?  I mean filling the bucket and wringing out the mop.  Who wants to do that?!  Ha!  We bought a Swiffer years ago to avoid this cumbersome process.  It was nice to spray and push.  But then you had the nasty pads that just get thrown away and the super expensive refills to buy once you run out of the solution.  And they are smart too.  The refills are not made to be refilled at home.  They want you to keep coming back for more.

But I discovered a secret today.  You CAN refill those bottles with a little trick.  And with a few cloth diapers and some felt you can even make reusable pads that can be washed instead of thrown away.  (Stay tuned for the next post and tutorial!) This saves not only money but also the environment!  Suddenly, mopping sounds fun.  Convenience, thriftiness, and green?  Yes please!!

Green Mop Solution Recipe

1/4 cup distilled white vinegar
8 cups water
Several drops essential oil - Grapefruit is my favorite

Or you can use an organic cleaning solution such as Shaklee's Basic H.

Refilling your Swiffer Wetjet container

The trick?  Boil the cap first!  It's almost impossible to get that silly top off.  They want you to think you have to go and buy a new one.  You don't!  And you DON'T have to use nasty chemicals either.  Check out my tutorial video on how to refill your refill.

Here's a teaser of my next post!  No more buying and throwing away your Swiffer pads.

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