Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cool Natural Hair Trick

While experimenting different ways to use baking soda, I discovered a handy trick for my hair.  Since it's not healthy to shampoo your hair everyday sometimes I deal with greasy hair.  OK, I'll level with you, maybe sometimes I just don't wash my hair for a few days out of shear laziness.  Just being honest here!

In the past I have turned to baby powder to soak up some of the oily-ness if I had to go someplace public and didn't have time to shower.  In fact, I would keep a small container of it in my car or in my gym bag.  I was getting my hair cut the other day and while I waited my turn I picked up Cosmo Magazine.  Not a read I normally go for but the cover intrigued me.  While flipping pages I read this article about what to keep in your desk drawer at work for when you stay out all night and need to freshen up the next day.  Obviously not my world, but one of the tricks was an aerosol can of "dry" shampoo.  I can only imagine what chemicals may be hiding in that little can.  Why not use this trick instead?

Baking soda.  That's it.

I had some seriously oily hair the other night.  Before showering I thought I'd give this trick a try.  Simply rub some baking soda into your scalp until the white disappears.  I did not brush it out, just fluffed a bit with my fingers.  So simple.  Here are the results.

Not bad for a quick fix!  I think I'll keep some of  this in my car and gym bag from now on!

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