Saturday, July 20, 2013

Commercial Break Workouts

We haven't had cable in our house for years now.  Hulu Plus and Netflix have long since replaced it and we've never looked back.  That is not to say we don't watch TV.  On the contrary - we watch PLENTY.  Maybe too much sometimes!  Now, Netflix doesn't have commercials but Hulu has these perfect little (sometimes annoying... OK highly annoying) one to three minute commercial breaks.  I've discovered this is the perfect time to get some strength building in. 

My favorite "Commercial Break" moves:

The Plank - this is my absolute favorite.  It is a fantastic way to strengthen your abs.  During your commercial break get down into a push up position and hold.  I like to hold it for the full commercial break as Hulu Plus breaks are not that long.  You can drop down to your elbows to make it a little harder and give your triceps a little love.  Another option is to do a regular plank, then switch to one side and then the other.  There are often 3 short commercials so it's great to do a different plank pose for each one.  If it is a regular commercial break on TV that is longer, try planking one commercial and resting on the next one.  Alternate every other commercial until your show resumes.

Dumbbell Upper body- I keep a set of neoprene coated dumbbells next to my couch at all times.  I use good old 8lb Dumbbells for this but you can use what ever weight best suits you.  You can find 1 - 10 lb dumbbells at Walmart for $10 or less a piece.  Here are 5 great arm moves you can do.  Again, I alternate between commercials.  On Hulu, this can take up a few commercial breaks.

Shoulder press


Iron Man

Bicep Curls

Triceps Extensions

Squats and Lunges - You've probably seen these classic moves before.  Choose a couple and do one during each commercial.

Wall Squat
Wide Squat
Basic Squat

In a regular TV show I can get about 5 commercial breaks in.  To get a full body workout, alternate parts of the body for each segment.  For example, I might start with planks, move on to upper body next, then lower body, then planks again, then back to arms.  Make sure to stretch well both before and after your favorite show.  No gym fees and a good use of your time!  It's a win-win!

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