Monday, June 10, 2013

30 Day Challenge Wrap Up

A whole week since my last post... poof!  I've been under the weather with no desire to blog or really look at a screen for that matter.

My 30 days have come and gone.  This has been an enlightening experience.  I would love to say that I'm sold on all these natural remedies and will forever make my own everything.  But that would be a lie and the last thing I want this blog to be is fake.

First, I have a confession.  At about day 24 I accidentally left my travel pack of shower items at the rec center.  When I called back no one was able to locate it.  Since then I just used the shower products at the gym.  The lesson?  Sometimes convenience is king as my mom would say.  If I'm going to stick with natural products I will have to have back ups and stay on top of making my stuff so I don't run out and get lazy.  Yup.  Sometimes I'm lazy like that but I think we all have a little bit of that in us.

There are certainly things that I LOVED and will keep using and things that I'm ready to start looking for ready made natural alternatives for.  Click on the links to go back to the original blog posts.

The things I loved the most (and will continue to use for sure) were:

Shaving Cream
Body wash
Oil Cleansing method (and the use of tea tree oil to spot treat my pimples)
Body Lotion
Hand Wash

Things I don't necessarily love yet but will continue to use:

Deodorant - I don't want to waste my concoction and I haven't found anything better to use.  However, my house is way too hot for a coconut oil based recipe.  At least during the summer.  At this point I'm using my fingers to dip into a jar and then smear on my pits.  Yeah it sounds kind of gross right?

Shampoo - Again, I will keep using because why should I waste what I made right?  Also, it's really cost efficient which is kind of important in our house right now.  I think I'll use homemade shampoo at home and the gym stuff at the gym.

Body Spray - I don't love that the smell doesn't last long but I do love that it's chemical free.

Loose Powder - While this works, I prefer my mineral makeup.  So it's not totally out but more of an emergency fix.

Tinted Lip Balm - For some reason the tint faded over time.  So while this is still a good chap stick, it's not very good for color.

Things I don't care for:

Eyeliner - too goopy
Eyeshadow - doesn't spread well and limited colors.  I have a TON of old stuff still and I don't wear it often.
Coconut Oil Conditioner - totally greasy
Toothpaste - tastes gross.  You get used to it over time but I'm sure I can find something better.

So that's it for my 30 day Skin Care Challenge.  My experimenting will not stop though!  And as I find other things to use I will share them.  My next step is to find some good, hopefully not too expensive, natural products to buy instead of make.  Because like I said before, sometimes convenience is everything.

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