Saturday, May 11, 2013

Homemade Makeup

All natural DIY cosmetics.  This has been an interesting challenge.  Some things work, some do not.  But I am committed to giving this a true test for 30 days.  It's now day 5 and I have been using my apron for more than cooking up food!  Below are the things I'm using and a few comments on how I like them - or don't like them.  Several of the items have a link to the websites I got the recipe from so you can check them out too.  If you know of a great makeup recipe please comment!!!!  I am all about experimenting right now.  And check back as I will update it if I find better alternatives or more recipes I like.

Tinted Moisturizer

So I found this recipe and I thought "this is awesome!"  But it turns out that I am NOT a fan of coconut oil on my face.  This may be for other people and I'm sure it works, but it made my already somewhat oily skin even more oily.  And it did not cover any imperfections.  I tried adding more cornstarch than the recipe called for and it helped a lot.  My face was much less oily looking but again, it didn't cover any zits.  It did give my face a nice glow and the color was great.

This is a test on my wrist.  It doesn't stay that oily looking you just have to blend, blend, blend!

Loose Powder

This is a trial and error type of thing to get the color you like.  Mix together corn starch, cocoa powder, and cinnamon until you get the right color.

 I mixed and mixed until I got it similar to the remaining chunks of an old compact powder.
 This is the compact after I added some almond extract to it to help pack it down.  Unfortunately it cracked and crumbled the next day.  I prefer the loose kind.
I put mine in an empty small seasonings container and use a brush to apply it like normal loose powder.


I couldn't find an "all Natural" one that I liked.  I tried many variations from online do it yourself-ers.  It seems I have a few extra pimples and I'm just not OK with not covering them up.  My face is still getting used to all this new stuff I've been putting on it so I figure it's a trial and error thing.  So to stick with my home made theme I went with a simple method of face cream and mineral powder.  So far, it works great as a foundation but to go one step farther I put it in the fridge to sit for a while.  I read that it will solidify a little more and make for a better coverage concealer.  We'll see!  I used a contact lens case to store it and make it easy to throw it in my make up bag!

Ok it takes guts to post a bare it all face pic!  Here is the before and after using my concealer and loose powder.  Not bad!

Mascara and Eyeliner

A few weeks ago I posted about a mascara and eyeliner recipe.  I LOVE the mascara.  It works great and is even water proof-ish as I wear it to my Aqua Zumba classes and it doesn't run down my face!  The eyeliner is another story.  After it has sat for a while in its little case it turned kind of thin.  I don't use it anymore as it is too runny.  If anyone has a better recipe to try please comment!!!  I might have to break down and go buy a natural eyeliner.  I'm not ready to do that just yet though so I'll keep looking for a good recipe.

Eye Shadow

This one was just me experimenting.   I found some recipes that used corn starch and food coloring or cinnamon.  I decided to try mixing corn starch with all sorts of spices to try to make a completely natural eye color.  (I want to stay away from food coloring if possible!) I had read that adding some alcohol to your home made powder will help you press it into a compact but I didn't have any.  I used almond extract instead which is mostly alcohol and it smells fantastic.  I successfully compacted it into a case but it cracked after one day and crumbled.  I'm going to try it again and leave it loose.  I think my 44 cent contact lens cases will work perfectly.

 Eye Colors:

Upper left - corn starch and a small amount of cinnamon
Upper right - just cinnamon
Lower left - corn starch and "kohl" powder (see this post)
Lower right - corn starch and sage

Blush, Tinted Lip Balm, and pinkish eye colors coming soon!

*update - check out THIS POST for more tips on coloring blush and lip balm

Currently I am experimenting with dehydrated strawberries and dried hibiscus flowers for a red tint.  We'll see how that turns out after tomorrow!

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