Monday, March 16, 2015

Cool way to Reuse Plastic bags

A quick Google search proves there are lots of ways to reuse your plastic grocery sacks.  From using them as trash bags, to things as creative as melting them to make jewelry, why throw them away?  If you are like me, even though you might have reusable cloth grocery sacks, you still end up with piles of those plastic bags from the times you left your bags at home or in the car.  Here is a fun way I came up with to use them as "wet bags" for things like diapers and swim suits.  I do eventually throw them away but at least they get one more good use out of them!

So gather all your plastic bags and your empty diaper wipe containers and check it out.  I've put together pictures to show each step.  It's simply folding up your bags and placing them in your container.  I was able to get 10 bags in my old Huggies container.

And there you have it!  Perfect for throwing in your diaper bag.  Or maybe your car for trash...

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