Thursday, January 22, 2015

Video Post: How to Make and Use Cloth Diaper Wipes

Today I'm going to show you how I do my diaper wipes at home.  I know there are other great blog posts and videos out there on the subject but I thought I would share how I like to do ours.  I received some cloth baby wipes as a gift from a sweet lady who came to my Aqua Zumba classes.  It go me thinking about it more and how easy it would be to make more of them.  After all, I'm cloth diapering so it's not like its any extra work for laundry.  I just put the cloth wipes with the diapers and launder it all together.  

Here's what I love about these:

  • It saves money.  I do not have to buy as many wipes - or at least I don't go through disposable wipes as fast anymore.  I usually use the cloth at home and disposable when I'm out and about.
  • It's a great way to re-purpose baby blankets that I had an abundance of and that Chloe grew out of.  The smaller flannel type material ones worked great.
  • They are easy to sew.  Really.  I'm a beginner - as in this was my first sewing project.
  • Actually, you don't even need to sew them if you don't want to.  They do unravel but hey, you're using them on your baby's bootie so who cares if you have to eventually throw it away?
  • I can control what goes ON my baby wipes instead of a list of chemicals used to keep them moist.
  • I like them thin and about the same size as a disposable wipe so I can fold and use them just the same.

I have another post coming soon about the solution that I use on my wipes so stay tuned!  Here is how I make, fold, and use my homemade cloth wipes.

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