Thursday, April 4, 2013

More Than a Goal

Ever heard of Tough Mudder?  Check it out:

Oh yeah!  My husband and I have completely lost it now!  We are training for this crazy event in the Kansas City area in September this year.  I have NEVER done anything like this.  The idea of it is both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time!  I have found that the best way to push myself physically is to do more than just set a goal but to actually sign myself up for something that is hard to back out of.  Some people like to do 5Ks or run marathons, duathlons (run and bike) or even triathlons (run, bike and swim).   I'm not a huge runner so straight running doesn't really get me excited.

I do enjoy biking though.  In 2010 my husband and I did BAK or Bike Across Kansas.  We logged 528 miles on our road bikes over 8 days.  There was something magical about dipping our tires in the Missouri River at the end of our journey.  We had done it!  All the hours and miles we had put in to train for that moment had paid off and we were in great shape!

So here we are, almost 3 years and another kid later training for the next big event.  I would encourage everyone to find an event doing something you enjoy and register.  Get a group of people and join as a group!  Then start training for it.  Maybe it's a 5K for you.  Maybe you need to walk the 5K.  That's OK!  At the YMCA where I work they offer an indoor duathlon and triathlon so check out your local gym to see if it's available there.  But find an event, start training, and boost your self confidence when you see it through.

In the mean time, if you're looking for a great workout, try this!  It is taken from the Tough Mudder website and is killer!  We made a playlist of songs that I cut into 1 and 2 minute intervals instead of using a timer.  This cuts out on the smartphone fumble in the middle of the workout.

Mudderling Boot Camp Workout

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