Monday, February 2, 2015

Kids Activity Packs

I have three kids and sometimes going out in public can be really tough.  OK, more than sometimes.  It is especially hard when I’m by myself.  To help keep my sanity and keep my kiddos happy I came up with some activity packs for them.  These packs are only for when we go out and don’t get played with at home.
You may be wondering why a post like this made the cut for my health and wellness blog.  Any momma out there knows that mental health is EXTREEMLY important.  And as we all know, if momma ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy!  Unoccupied, bored kiddos can send me into crazy-scary-mom in a matter of minutes depending on the severity of the situation!  And though I fall victim to the phone/tablet/video game/Netflix route sometimes, I try not to let my kids rely solely on electronics to make them happy.

Enter the activity bag.  Each child has their own bag complete with their own set of colors and coloring books.  No fighting over the blue crayon…  But sometimes colors aren’t enough to keep them busy for long periods of time.  So I like to fill them with other quite activities.  I had a hard time coming up with ideas at first after I exhausted coloring and reading books.  So here is a list of great quite games and activities to include in your bag.  Make sure to tailor the bag to your child’s age and change it up every once in a while.

Flash cards
Dry erase learning tools (practice writing their name, letters, and numbers as well as drawing shapes)
Teach them to weave and put a small weaving board in their kit
String for tying knots
Sorting games
Hide and Seek books or games
Car Bingo
Small puzzles
Small set of blocks (only if you are past the throwing stage!)
Large beads and shoe lace to string them (Or try noodles or cheerios)
Shoelaces on a cardboard flat shoe to practice tying shoes
Small figures or cars for pretend play
Small amount of play dough with a few cookie cutters
If old enough, card games such as Go Fish or Slap Jack

Classic hand held wooden games like the one you have to move the box around to send a tiny ball around a maze.
This year for Christmas the kids each got these great magnetic cases with shapes inside.  They can rearrange the shapes to make designs.

What kinds of things keep your kids occupied?  I'd love to hear more ideas!

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