Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Oven "Sun-dried" Tomatoes

Tomato season is over for us here in Colorado but who can resist sun dried tomatoes on a nice salad, in pasta, or on top of pizza?  I LOVE to through these gems in recipes.  They can be quite pricey at natural/health stores but they are surprisingly easy to make at home.  If you have any tomatoes left from the garden, here is a great use for them.  If not, buy a few at the grocery store and make up a batch.

This recipe from Get Cooking America is easy to follow.  All you need is time.  A lot of it.  Not a lot of work, but it does call for 6-8 hours in your oven so make sure it's a cool day so your house doesn't get to hot!

 They shrink a LOT.  Don't be fooled like I was and try to get away with fewer tomatoes!

Yum!  Keep them in your fridge for up to 3 weeks or store them in your freezer for up to 8 months!  Enjoy!

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